WOW! Loving this HP pandeiro! Thank you all so much for working with me and providing one of the best customer service experiences. The returns, refunds and assistance with helping find the perfect instrument. I will highly recommend Kalango and HP pandeiros to all my percussion and music contacts. (Mike, USA)


The Pandeiro has safely arrived to Sweden. It looks fantastic, sounds fantastic even smells fantastic! The only problem now is for me to learn how to play it fantastic! (Thomas, Sweden)


I just received my new pandero in good condition and it is really a fine pice of work. (Udo, Germany)


The pandeiro arrived already today. It is in fine shape, and quite beautiful - even the skin looks good! It sounds good right out of the box - the H series sounds great. After a “test drive” I will try the B studios. My very first impression is that it is extremely comfortable (light and easy on the holding fingers) and the marriage of the skin and jingles is really tops. I’ll report back after I’ve played it for a few days. Thanks for your great product and prompt service. (Thomas, USA)


The jingles arrived. The sound is as expected a little bit more jingles-orientated. I have now both options for the sound choice. Thank you very much, I like it as it is. (Roland, Germany)


Yesterday I got the pandeiro. Thank you, I'm happy - nice sound and weight. Good luck to you! (Armands, Latvia)


Pandeiro arrived, what a great pandeiro! Very light, great uniform skin, great jingles and case! I will have lots of fun with it. Cheers! (Eduardo,



Hey, heb inmiddels wat langer gespeeld op de pandeiro (S-serie). In 1 woord: top! Na plakken van het vel is het geluid echt fantastisch! En crystal clear platinelas. De pandeiro heeft me weer een inspiratie boost gegeven, thanks! (Marloes, Netherlands)


Got it today. Great sounding instrument. Practiced for almost 2 hours. (Gino, USA)


I love what you guys are doing. The pandeiros and marketing are great. I also like the idea of selling pandeiro kits. (Scott, USA)


It finally arrived and I love it! The wood and the jingles, the weight and the sound, superb craftsmanship. (Janz, Slovenia)


I am enjoying my Choro Samba jingles but I wish they were a little bit lighter. The ones I had before were three pieces of tin and were super light. I experimented with different combinations of your jingles and my old jingles. It seems like the most important factor is that middle jingle. Yours is quite a bit heavier than the middle jingle I had before. But it also makes a huge difference in sound. Do you also make a middle jingle that is lighter than that one but sounds good? (Felicia, USA)


Die Platinelas sind angekommen, alles perfekt. Das Pandeiro klingt jetzt klasse. (Olaf, Germany)


I received the jingles and have already put them to use. The middle metal plate was kind of heavy so I re-used my old jingles' middle metal plate which is super light. The sound is much more pleasing than my old tin jingles. I used the little friends on my Pizzott pandeiro, and it has improved dramatically! Thanks for your advice and prompt delivery. Thanks! (Felicia, USA)


Wicked Walnut is wonderful thanks, having lots of fun with it. (Nick, UK)


I am very happy with my new HP Pandeiro. It sound great, and I already have a lot of pleasure playing it. Thanks a lot making such a good instrument. (Didier, Belgium)


The Pandeiro has arrived and we fell in love with the sound and the quality of the instrument right from the beginning! (Melanie, France)


Received my pandeiro safe and sound. Really happy with it and it’s very light, just what I needed after struggling with a heavy contemporanea 12.


I have an HP pandeiro which I love. (Matthew, USA)


I have ordered a "Real Pro" model bag, I got a kind confirmation email and it arrived a week after my purchase. The bag is extra quality and was well packed. Thank you. (Grégoire H., France)


The HP Platinelas S-Series got delivered today by the Australian post in perfect conditions. They are indeed a beautiful and nicely crafted set of jingles. I have already set them up on my pandeiro and they sound as good as expected. Looking forward to try one of the HP pandeiros in the near future. (Rafael, Australia)


I'm happy to tell u that wherever I go - play the Hp pandeiro, people that are already familiar with the instrument get impressed by it! It's really nice instrument and I'm super happy I bought it from u guys! (Kostas, UK)


Hallo Matthias & Anders, endlich habe ich meine neuen Schellen ans Pandeiro angebracht... Ich bin sehr begeistert und freue mich über den tollen Sound!! Vielen Dank : )) (Tanja, Germany)


Hello, I received the jingles yesterday, and i would like to thank you, it's great job! The sound is beautiful, very clear and precise, better to my ears than with the former jingles. (Hugues, France)


Just to say that the jingles arrived and I've replaced them now. They have a great sound, i'm really happy with my purchase! (Tathiana, UK)


Das Pandeiro klingt super. Ist schon voll im Einsatz. (Tanja, Germany)


Thanks for the info, the pandeiro arrived today. It sounds just great, topping my (already high) expectations easily :-) (Peter, Switzerland)


Hey guys, still deeply enjoying the pandeiro and getting lots of compliments and requests for where to get one! (Cody, USA)


I got the pandeiro! It's super! :) Thank you so much!! (Pauliina, Finland)


I play much more Pandeiro than in the times before! This Instrument is perfect! (Peter, Germany)


Well, it was worth waiting for! The pandeiro you sent is very responsive, and I can't believe how light it is compared to the one I was using---no more sore arm/wrist, which as you mentioned in your video, makes quite a difference when you're practicing as a beginner. When you're learning, it really does matter that you own the best top-of-the-line instrument, otherwise you think that you're doing something wrong, or it'll take too long to get used to the instrument and you get bored or give up altogether. I love your pandeiro because it makes me sound good already!!! (Ron, USA)


Arrived today! It's all tuned up and sounding great, thanks again :) (Cody, USA)


Recebi as platinelas hoje mesmo!

São ótimas!

Muito obrigado! (Gilbert, France)


I have just received my pandeiro!!!! I am so thankful and it's exactly what I was waiting for...Amazing Pandeiros!!!! (Kostas, Greece)


The drum is best! Thank you. (Simon, France)


Pandeiro kam unversehrt an. Pandeiro gefällt! Jetzt bereits - bei aller Jungfräulichkeit – Pandeiros sind hartnäckige Jungfrauen – einen Klang, der viel verheißt. (Markus, Germany)


This pandeiro is absolutely fantastic! I've been visiting your website for nearly a year now, scrutinizing over jingle choices and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy one of your drums. This pandeiro is everything I was hoping for...I cannot put it down! So awesome; I love your passion for this instrument and I considerate it a privilege to own one of your design and hand-crafting. I'm thrilled :-) (Damian, USA)


Hi, it arrived today. What a work of art! Build and sound quality are phenomenal. (Dean, USA)


Package received :-) ! The pandeiro is good looking, it's my first one :-) (Hervé, France)


Hey it made it! And sounds sweeeet! Thanks for answering all my questions. It is a very fine instrument. (Marc, USA)


My new Requena-Haffner & Perander pandeiro arrived yesterday (5 August) in perfect condition. It's beautiful! I was a little surprised at how high it was tuned for shipping; perhaps that was a consequence of the summer heat in California. I lowered the tension on the head, and it sounds great. The light weight and amazingly responsive jingles make it a pleasure to play. It's a much better pandeiro than I am a panderista. (Jay, USA)


Hi H&P, got the jingles. They sound great! (Emiliano, USA)


Hallo Matthias, sind super:) (Claude, Germany)


Platinelas sind heute angekommen. Super Qualität wie immer! Vielen Dank! (Tobias, Germany)


Really love my HP handmade pandeiro! It is much lighter than other ones in the market. The design and choices of materials result in this wonderful portable instrument: it provides a very wide range of musical possibilities; solid and elegant; wild or gentle, which all come from the dedication of the makers. (Linhuei, The Netherlands)


You guys are so great!

Cheers! (Damian, USA)


Lovely instrument, thank you. (Marty, UK)


I loved my new pandeiro, thanks for the great choice! It's beautiful and sounds great. (Rodrigo, Brazil)