Pandeiro Tutorial


G The Complete Pandeiro Guide


After 25 years of playing, teaching, researching and meeting the greatest masters in Brazil, Matthias Haffner has finally put all of his extensive knowledge about the pandeiro into a package and made it available to everybody. In cooperation with well-known producer David Kuckhermann, Matthias decided to publish a complete tutorial about this amazingly versatile percussion instrument. The result is fantastic: more than seven hours of lesson caught on camera, including precisely explained techniques, hundreds of grooves, tricks and effects on the instrument, traditional and modern styles, history, play-along tracks, on-screen notations, PDF´s and other surprises! The practical wooden USB stick is available for the complete course, or optionally for tutorial 1 (basic techniques, traditional grooves) or tutorial 2 (modern grooves, advanced playing).

Watch the trailer to get a first impression of The Complete Pandeiro Guide:


Pandeiro Guide

* According to the § 19 UStG no German sales tax is charged.

L Jingles: Little Ones



* According to the § 19 UStG no German sales tax is charged.

The Little Ones can be used on top of your jingles to make them move less in the slot, if your slots are too big. This will make the sound tighter and quieter with more control. The Little Ones are made of 0,3mm thick bronze with a slight curve hammered into them.

J Pins: Jingle Friends


In addition to our jingles we offer special custom-made pins to hold the jingles. The pins are made of softer brass instead of hard steel, which will guarantee your jingles a long lifetime, as the pins wear out before the valuable jingles. They will preserve the jingles as well as the sound of them and they will even add a classy look to your pandeiro!

sizes:       Ø 1,8 mm and 2,0 mm

lenght:     38 mm

Sizes (diameter)

* According to the § 19 UStG no German sales tax is charged.

D Rubbers: Damping Dude



* According to the § 19 UStG no German sales tax is charged.

These custom-made soft rubbers will gradually reduce the volume of your jingle-sound without changing its character. Even though our jingles are well-balanced with the sound volume of your skin, you may need to reduce their loudness, for example in a delicate studio situation. The rubbers are easily attachable on top of your jingles without the need to remove the jingles. With our Damping Dude system you can easily adapt the dynamics to your personal needs.


R Real Pro Bag

Our custom made Real Pro Bag will keep your pandeiro safe in any traveling conditions. It is a soft and light bag that has an extra thick layer of foam around the jingles that protects them in an optimal way in case of accidents. The bag is made of strong materials and comes with a shoulder strap with metal hooks. On the front there is a zippered pocket for tuning keys and small accessories. This is the best bag you can get. Give your pandeiro the care it deserves!

The Real Pro Bag comes with all our pandeiros.