December 2017/ January 2018 Special Offer

Limited Edition HP Pandeiros!!!

We are proud to offer you some very special HP Pandeiros.


We made a limited run of some more exotic woods on the frames. You can choose between Zebrano, Mahogany and Maple.


The platinelas are the same as before, the wood is the difference. When choosing check the pictures on the Media page, they say more than a thousand words!

Rock Maple is a beautiful North American wood that has a detailed grain structure and some light flaming. The maple frame is quite light in weight as well.

HP Pandeiro Maple 43mm

Zebrano is an African wood with a rich texture and colour. The Zebrano pandeiros come with either a Maple or Walnut middle part. It is the heaviest rim of the three and can benefit from having lighter jingles on it. This is as exquisite as it gets, finished in matt hand-rubbed lacquer it just looks fantastic.

HP Pandeiro Zebrano 43mm

Mahogany is a traditional wood in musical instrument production. We have sandwiched a ring of Cherry in between two layers of Mahogany to make the pandeiro lighter. It is still a bit heavier than the Maple pandeiro.

HP Pandeiro Mahogany 43mm