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Since 2010 Haffner & Perander supplies you with the best handmade pandeiros and jingles (Platinelas) for all professional and amateur needs.


This is what our customers say about us...:

Marcos Suzano, Brazil:

O pandeiro está cada vez melhor, tenho usado e o som tá abrindo aos poucos. Já já as platinelas vão ficar no ponto! E muita gente que vê o pandeiro fica impressionada com o visual! Abs!!!

Hisashi, Japan:

I have a great number of pandeiros by famous brands from Brasil, Europe and Argentina. I think your pandeiro is the best of them!

Damian, USA:

This pandeiro is absolutely fantastic! I've been visiting your website for nearly a year now, scrutinizing over jingle choices and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy one of your drums. This pandeiro is everything I was hoping for...I cannot put it down! So awesome; I love your passion for this instrument and I considerate it a privilege to own one of your design and hand-crafting. I'm thrilled :-)

Juri, The Netherlands:

These pandeiros are the best in the world right now. I finally got mine this summer, it's precious !!!

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